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The Full Story

BlackHawk Books, LLC writes about personal transformation focusing on the sacred teaching or Wisdom, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Truth, Humility and Love.



My mission is to help people who suffer daily, just as I do, from PTSD, childhood abuse, and trauma of all forms. To shine a light on the darkness of dysfunction and trauma for anyone, including my fellow Veterans and disabled Veterans.  To help people who are
suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide and to fight back against the 22 Veteran suicides a day.  My mission is to tell my story, so others know they are not alone.  To show people there is a future for them ahead and to spread the word -
Keep the Faith…Keep Moving Forward


D. Paul Fleming is passionate about including spiritualism throughout his life and his books. He enjoys writing spiritual nonfiction genres about the belief and process of personal transformation that is involved with believing in a power greater than oneself, over the universe.

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Fairy Lights

Sacred Teachings

Wisdom, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Truth, Humility and Love. These are the guiding principles to a healthy and balanced life.

Native American Heritage

D. Paul Fleming comes from Native American heritage and includes aspects of his heritage within his books. In keeping with his heritage, D. Paul is a seasoned holy man, spiritual advisor, and healer. As such, he offers personal clearing and cleansing of your home and property for all forms of darkness or negative energy. If this is something you need and would like more information, please contact D. Paul at


U.S. Navy Veteran

D. Paul Fleming is a US Navy Veteran who began his service to his country when he was seventeen years old. Prior to becoming an author, he spent ten years as one of eight nationally elected board members of the largest Veteran entrepreneurial organization in the country. D. Paul has helped many Veterans with disability claims navigate the VA system and find their path post military service.


Our families are the pillars of our strength who never fall. Instead, they keep us strong, so we become better people. We learn the values of love, respect, faith, hope, caring, cultures, ethics, traditions, and everything else that concerns us through our families. D. Paul has been married to his wife for many decades and is his best friend. Together they have six children and nine grandchildren and counting!


Life Coach

D. Paul is a developer, a master home builder, and an expert in building construction.  Currently he is a Veteran support advocate, an inspirational motivational speaker, a strong-willed life coach, business consultant, and author.

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