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Video Interviews

​Below are video interviews D. Paul Fleming has done with various podcasts.


Recover Outloud Episode 45: D Paul Fleming of Boston, Massachusetts

In this episode Doug talks about his struggles while in the Navy, his struggles with the VA Health Care System, how he became a voice for Veterans across the country who are struggling with the VA and what his book is about. Doug shares how it felt to share his story in literature and the feedback he has received since his book has been published. 


Paper Raven Books:  [NEW BOOK] 2,442 Steps to Crazy by D. Paul Fleming

Gaining empathy through trauma is the gateway to a better life in this emotional and haunting true story, which features a young man who learns how to stay resilient despite the most horrific abusive family dynamics.


In Between The Pages with James Lott Jr: With Author D Paul Fleming

Host James Lott Jr read  Number ONE Bestseller 2442 Steps to Crazy: The Beginning and was left speechless. He chats with the Author and survivor D Paul Fleming.


Navigating the Shadows of Trauma (with D Paul Fleming)

US Navy veteran D. Paul Fleming (D Paul Fleming) wrote a book called 2442 Steps to Crazy. It is an epic true story of his life and how he has faced his trauma head-on after years of suppression. His mission now is to advocate for veterans and help them heal from trauma, post-traumatic stress, and childhood abuse. He has been married for decades and raised six children. Committed to helping people break free from stigma and share their stories, D Paul Fleming is exploring different writing genres to reach as many people as possible.


Hometown Threads 05-21-2024

Host Keith Rice talks with D. Paul Fleming about his new book "A Date With Suicide".


Faith, Healing and Storytelling - A Conversation with D Paul Fleming | KAJ Masterclass

Join D. Paul Fleming, a retired US Navy veteran, bestselling author, and mental health advocate, as he shares his powerful story of resilience and healing. In this compelling episode, Fleming draws from his experiences as a 100% disabled veteran and delves into the importance of storytelling, faith, and addressing mental health issues within the veteran community. Discover how he is breaking the stigma surrounding PTSD and suicide through his latest book, "A Date with Suicide." Fleming's insights shed light on the challenges faced by veterans and their families, offering hope and inspiration to those struggling with trauma and mental health challenges. 


D Paul Fleming - The Modern Revolution Podcast

The Modern Revolutionist interviews D. Paul Fleming about his new book "A Date With Suicide".

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